Online CAD applications

This website shows you online CAD applications that you can try yourself

Advantages that you realize with an online CAD application are:

  • Innovative acquisition of requests for quotation
  • Productivity increase in your work flow
  • Visual product configurator for your customers
  • Correct dimensions and installation of your product
  • ICT as distinguishing factor with the competition

More information

Interior door

Doors made to measure allways fit the door frame and can provide a customer with detailed design options

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Complex design rules of mailbox arrays are hidden behind a relatively simple interface

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Precast stair

Stairs use up a fair amount of space which has to be planned for in building desings

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Door sill

Visual feedback helps a customer to order a correct product and prevent product returns

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Exterior door frame

Use a webpage to design a window or door frame and select from a wide variety of options

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Software Component. 100% .Net C#

A complete CAD application can be programmed as a software component. This component can be used in existing ASP.NET websites to export DXF or DWG drawings, images and PDF files.

Online Ordering. With manufacturing integration

On the website a collection of product parameters is needed to generate a drawing, these parameters are reused during manufacturing. Also a drawing with numberd parts is generated to show how to assemble the product.

Visual Configurator. To acquire RFQs

The customer designs mailboxes in the browser, after a request for quotation is send to the supplier the CAD drawing can be downloaded